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Argentina Polo Day
is polo for everyone!

To enjoy and play polo every day of the year
only 45 minutes away from the city!
Full Polo Dat
Polo Clinic   Polo Club

Corporate Events

We organize a variety of Corporative Events.
Many companies have already trusted us

A different experience is remembered for longer time!


Polo Tournaments

Find out more about our last Tournaments and our next
one in August 2014

If you want to participate as a sponsor or want to register with a team contact us


Polo Horses

If you would like to learn
more about polo horses, buy
or sell, send us an mail here

See polo horses for sale here


Guided Polo Tour

To keep promoting the best polo, we inform you the fixture of the upcoming Tournaments!

To learn more about it, click here


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Polo Horse Feeding

We would like to introduce you to our series of articles LIVING POLO about our day-to-day polo life.
Polo horses require two kinds of food: hay and grains. ....

The Farrier, the horse’s blacksmith

Polo horses require two kinds of food: hay and grains. These must be given to the horse on proper amounts. If you feed your horse too much, it might.....
The Petisero, the horse worker


Being a polo horse worker -or petisero, as they are known in Argentina- it’s a job like no other. It takes a lot of hours and hard work, starting very early in the .....
Treats for Polo Horses


Sometimes, it is good to give a treat to a horse, to show them that they’re doing a good job when we are training them, or just to show them how much we love ....
The Polo Veterinarian


In order to get the best performance in the polo field, the polo horse needs to be healthy. The role of the veterinarian is the key to keep a horse in....


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Visiting Bs.As.


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Volunteer Work


Get to know more about our Volunteer Work Programs!
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